Killingworth 350th Anniversary Celebration

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Chamber of Commerce
The Killingworth Chamber of Commerce developed a Comparative Booklet for the celebration. Thank you to all the advertiser who made the booklet such a great success.
Killingworth Lions Club
The Killingworth Lions Club is organizing the Town Picnic to be held on Saturday, September 2nd. Bringing back this annual community event is one of the highlights of the anniversary year. For more information or to help organize the event, please contact Greg Wind at 203-887-7971 or
Killingworth Women's Organization
The Killingworth Women's Organization is organizing the Town Parade. For more information or to help organize the event, please contact Andrea Gamberdella Freibauer at
Killingworth Women's Organization
New Historical Publication Available for sale now at the Town Hall! A wonderful resource to guide us through our celebratory year. Only $5.00 Timeline of the History of Killingworth, Connecticut, 1600-2016 by Thomas L. Lentz, Municipal Historian

350th Celebration Scavenger Hunt!!

Join Killingworth's 350th Anniversary celebration with a Historical Scavenger Hunt! Can you find all the historical town sites? See if you are super sleuth--to qualify for a random prize drawing, you must submit the required form before 5:00 p.m. on June 3, 2017. Clue sheets are available for pick up at the Library, Town Hall and Parmelee. They will reveal the sites to look for. There will be a plastic container near each site where you will find a sheet which will tell you the history of the location. You may keep the information sheets.

All ages are welcome to participate.

Calendar of Events

  • April Cowboy Valley Memorabilia- Library Display Case
  • March 8-"The Not-So-Good Life Colonial Housewife," Velya Jancz Urban-- Women's History Month --Firehouse
  • April 7 Cowboy Valley Program HK Middle School, 7 PM location Dupree, Dan Perkins and subcommittee. Lobby displays--KWO
  • April 11, 18, 25 Book Discussion—World War I, A Farewell to Arms, Phil Devlin—Library
  • May-- 300th and 325th Celebration Memorabilia Library Display Case
  • May 7, 4 PM Ecumenical Service, traditional dancing, Maypole—Congregational Church
  • May—Proclamations for Naming Day, rededication of plaque, sister city proclamations
  • May 23 Killingworth Historical Vignettes—Phil Devlin
  • June, July, Aug., Sept. 2nd Saturdays during Farm Markets Armchair reminiscing program – KHS
  • Clark Coe Killingworth Images and American Folk Are Date TBD
  • June—Historical Killingworth dolls and wooden house images created by Sandy Smith from the collections of the Library and Cathy Perry
  • July— Date TBD Killingworth Follies Program. Sally Riblet, Mark White
  • June 3—Launch of Scavenger Hunt
  • June 10 Farmers Market, Scavenger Hunt conclusion
  • September 2 Parade and Town Picnic, Parmelee Farm

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