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This Month's Krier
Peg Scofield, Killingworth's first recipient of the Women of Excellence Award
Peg Scofield
Congratulations to Peg Scofield for being the first Killingworth resident and business owner to win the Women of Excellence Award. On October 11th at Woodwinds in Branford, the Shoreline Chamber of Commerce and other surrounding chambers honored women that not only run successful businesses but contribute to their local communities as well. KCC President Franco Piscitelli had this to say about our local award recipient "Peg is involved in so many Killingworth civic organizations while still running her business, which is multifaceted and a great success. The town and Chamber are grateful for her work within our community!"

"I initiated my first community involvement because I saw a need and thought I had the skills and time to fill it" says Peg. "That was KillingworthToday.com. Once I started covering events, and organizations, I was drawn in by the passion of the volunteers and the sense that you can really make a difference on this small stage. From PTO to the Library, Community Gardens and Parmelee Farm, the hours spent are very fulfilling. Whether it's an hour or 100 hours, you see positive change taking place: right here, right now. Over a short time, it was clear how much name and brand recognition from my volunteer efforts helped bring in projects to grow my business. It was a "Win Win". Volunteering helps the community, your business, and sets a great example for your family about contributing to make your society better. Like minded citizens, friends, and neighbors coming together to make a difference."